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Rainbow of Hope

by a child with autism, Thia Yu Xuan, 17, in 2007.

Interested participants can email us at pw.soen@gmail.com

Don’t forget to let us know your name, class, school; and let us know how to contact you! Feel free to leave comments too.



Ladies and Gentlemen… the ORA Funfair!

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The ORA Walkathon cum funfair this year would have something that the world has never witnessed before.

A funfair is about FUN and GAMES,  but as Rafflesians, we will not, and have not, neglected the less fortunate. Fusing the element of social responsibility (caring for the needy) and the element of fun together, topped off with a sprinkling of entrepreneurship thrown in, this event promises to be an exciting mix.

For the sake of this project, we have paired up with Rainbow Centre, a school for children with autism.

Just to give you an idea of what will be in store at the funfair itself, volunteers (that could be YOU!) from RI and RGS and autistic children from Rainbow Centre would work in tandem: Designing and producing art & craft work, and selling them to raise funds. If you’re not a volunteer, you could still do your part by purchasing one of these products from us!

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